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On June 24, 2004 I installed a High Lifter 2" liftkit on the Rincon.  It turned out to be quite a chore which took me about 4 hours.  The part that took the longest was installing the spring stiffeners on all four shocks.  High Lifter suggested purchasing one of their spring compressors which I was not about to buy for one use.  I did come up with a makeshift spring compressor using four hose clamps that allowed me to compress the springs by tightening the clamps.  Another part that took a while was correcting the toe in of the front tires which was pulled in the front after the A-arms were lowered.  The front was lifted by using 1" spacers as spring tensioners and brackets that added an inch where the bottom attaches to the A-arms.  I was a little dissapointed in the rear lift since it only consisted of 2" spacers as spring tensioners and nothing else.  This lifted the rear but makes it very hard and rough.  As time goes on I will update how it handles in all types of terrain.

"UPDATE"  On Novermber 2nd, 2005, I removed the front spacers from the spring/shock.  It rode like a machine with no suspension in the front.  I really got tired of the noise it made over rough terrain as a result of the front shocks extending fully and making a rattling sound.  I left the rest of the kit on and it seems to ride pretty good now.